What Did Joey Logano Do to His Hair?

Joey Logano is a famous NASCAR driver who is well-known for his amazing racing skills. He has lots of fans who love to watch him race on the tracks. But recently, people are talking about something other than his driving. They are talking about his hair! So, what did Joey Logano do to his hair? Let’s find out together.

A Little Bit About Joey Logano

Before we talk about Joey’s hair, let’s learn a bit more about him. Joey Logano was born on May 24, 1990, in Middletown, Connecticut. He started racing when he was just a little kid, and he has loved it ever since. Joey has raced in many competitions and has won many awards. He is married to Brittany Logano, and they have a son named Hudson.

The Big Change in Joey’s Hair

Joey Logano used to have short, brown hair. It was a simple and easy hairstyle for a busy race car driver. But one day, he decided to make a big change. He chose to grow out his hair and try something new. Fans noticed the change and started talking about it. They wanted to know what he did to his hair.

Why Did Joey Logano Change His Hair?

Joey Logano has said in interviews that he wanted to try something new with his hair. He felt like it was time for a change. Plus, he thought it would be fun to surprise his fans. Joey also mentioned that he wanted to show his personality through his hair. He likes to have fun and be a little bit different from other drivers.

How Did Joey Logano Change His Hair?

Joey decided to grow out his hair to make the change. It took some time, but eventually, his hair got longer and longer. Then, he decided to add some color to it. Joey chose a bright color to make his hair stand out. He went with a cool shade of blue! Now, his hair is a mix of brown and blue.

Fans React to Joey Logano’s Hair

When fans first saw Joey Logano’s new hair, they were surprised. Some people loved it, and some people didn’t like it as much. But one thing was for sure: everyone was talking about it. People all over the internet were sharing their thoughts on Joey’s hair. They posted pictures, videos, and comments about it.

Fans who loved Joey’s new hair said it was fun and different. They thought it showed his personality and made him stand out from other NASCAR drivers. Fans who didn’t like it as much said they missed his old hair. They thought his new hair was too wild and crazy for a race car driver.

Joey Logano’s Hair and Racing

Even though Joey’s hair has changed, his racing skills have not. He is still one of the best NASCAR drivers out there. He continues to win races and make his fans proud. Some people might think that his new hair would be a distraction for him, but it doesn’t seem to bother Joey at all. He still focuses on his driving and does his best in every race.

Hair Care Tips From Joey Logano

Joey Logano has learned a lot about taking care of his hair since he made the change. He has shared some of his hair care tips with his fans. Here are a few things he does to keep his hair looking great:

  1. Wash your hair regularly: Joey makes sure to wash his hair often to keep it clean and healthy. He uses a gentle shampoo and conditioner to protect his hair from damage.
  2. Protect your hair from the sun: Joey knows that the sun can be harmful to his hair. He wears a hat or a bandana when he’s outside to keep his hair safe from the sun’s rays.
  1. Use hair products wisely: Joey uses hair products to help style his hair and keep it in place. He chooses products that are not too heavy or greasy, so his hair stays looking fresh and clean.
  2. Get regular haircuts: Even though Joey is growing out his hair, he still gets regular haircuts to keep it looking neat and well-groomed. This also helps prevent split ends and other hair problems.
  3. Be gentle with your hair: Joey is careful not to pull or tug on his hair when he’s brushing or styling it. He uses a wide-tooth comb or a soft brush to gently untangle any knots.

The Future of Joey Logano’s Hair

Fans are curious to see what Joey Logano will do with his hair in the future. Will he keep it long and colorful, or will he go back to his old short hairstyle? Only time will tell! But one thing is for sure: Joey Logano’s hair will continue to make headlines and get people talking.


So, what did Joey Logano do to his hair? He decided to grow it out and add a bright blue color to it. This change has made him stand out from other NASCAR drivers and has gotten people talking. While some fans love his new look, others prefer his old hairstyle. But no matter what his hair looks like, Joey Logano remains focused on his racing career and continues to be one of the best drivers in the sport.

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